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Blue Salvias is a world where lush, overlapping guitars, melodious bass lines, analog keyboards and driving percussion take the listener to a simpler time where one can celebrate the perfect day, recall lost loved ones, ponder unrequited love or missed opportunities. We play every instrument and record using tried and true technology.  Our sound is that of the late '80's and early '90s where you can hear mistakes and true musicianship rather than computer generated, overproduced perfection as in the songs of today.

Enjoy a cup of tea and listen while reading your favorite excerpt from Jane Austen or Oscar Wilde. Get lost in the dreamy, melodic atmosphere and drift away to a simpler era!

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Blue Salvias was the name chosen for the band because in Victorian Days, the flower was often given to someone to let them know they were being thought of or that they were loved.   The majority of the songs in our catalog were written for or about the people in the lives of the band members. 

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